The Window Store
A vector of a section of the Clothing Your Way logo.

About This Job

This is an ongoing project and we regularly complete work for the Window Store all across the UK for each of their branches.

They require polo shirts, sweatshirts, coats, trousers, shorts and formal shirts on a regular basis.

All items must carry the same embroidered logo that must fit within their specific brand guidelines.

The Design

Initially The Window Store were able to provide us with specific requirements when it came to the embroidery of their design. With colour and size specifications supplied, we were able to match this exactly to fit their brand guidelines.

We then provided a number of embroidered samples to ensure they were completely happy with the finished product before orders were processed.

A photograph of the Fine Stitch Embroidery machines working at the Clothing Your Way production studio in Paignton, South Devon.

The Process & Finished Products

Due to the quantity of items requiring embroidery, we used our multi-head machines for this job. This allows for several of the same design to be embroidered at once. Making the process much faster than on one of our single-head machines.

The positioning of the logo is measured out on every garment to ensure continuity.

Each order is boxed up depending on its final location and clearly marked for ease upon collection.

We loved this order because we have such a great working relationship with this company. The logo is bright and vibrant and allows for a good contrast against the colour of the clothing.

A photo showcasing the Fine Stitch Embroidery uniform for The Window Store, produced by Clothing Your Way in Paignton, South Devon.