Devon Lunatics Hash House Harriers
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About This Job

We have worked with several Hash House Harrier groups previously and this time they needed a unique memento of an event they were holding. It needed to be different from t shirts and hoodies and needed to be cost effective for the group as a whole. The client requested some information on our range of Morphs / Snoods which we provided and it was decided that there would be a perfect fit for their requirements.

The Design

Once we had finalised which morph the client would prefer, we set to work creating some digital visuals so they could see how their chosen design would look once printed. This offered the opportunity for any changes to be made to the sizing and positioning of the design or even the design itself.  

A photograph of the Full Colour Vinyl Print machines in the production process for a job for the Devon Lunatics.
A photograph of the printing process for a job for the Devon Lunatics, by Clothing Your Way in South Devon.

The Process & Finished Products

We printed this design in full colour to avoid layering the vinyl and to provide a soft, flexible finish. We used our wide format printer to print and cut multiple designs at a time.  Each design was then individually weeded and pressed onto the morphs towards the top of the item but allowing enough space for it to be folded over when worn.

The client collected their order from our Paignton store and were thrilled with the end result.

We loved this order because of the uneek product we got to provide and because we enabled this group to have the perfect keepsake from their event.

A photograph of the Devon Lunatics Printed Morphs produced by Clothing Your Way.